Our Company was founded in New York in 1996, it was established in Colombia in 2003 and it is currently expanding in the Americas.

We have state-of-the-art technology and our own web platform developments that allow us to provide 24/7 online service to our clients.

Our solutions generate value in the following sectors:




Public and private services

Value Proposition

To positively impact the finances of companies through the implementation of systematized processes that, at zero investment, guarantee the efficiency and conversion of fixed costs into variables.

Our Team

Our team is composed of IT experts, passionate professionals whose motivation and dedication to their work is vital to the success of our Company.

Juan Carlos Maldonado

Economist, with Specialization in Finances from NYU and an MBA from Fairley Dickinson University.

He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of strategies that impact the improvement of processes supported by innovative and advanced technology. Throughout his career, in addition to his experience in the financial sector in the United States, he has been an entrepreneur in different sectors, and is widely recognized for the introduction of novel products in the countries where he has conducted business. He is responsible for the managerial outcome of the company in the countries where it operates.

Ana Patricia Cañón

Business Administrator, with specialization in Finance from CESA University, and studies in Conflict Negotiation from Westminster University (England).

During her years of experience in the Colombian financial sector she has developed and obtained commercial results with high impact teams. She has also worked in the public sector in the execution and development of projects of national importance. She is responsible for the operation of the business and for fulfilling the Value Proposition with our clients.

¿Why OFAM?:

We developed our SCORE application, made up of modules that, when combined, create sectoral SUITES for which we provide our service, leading to the optimization of resources and an improved profitability. The Suites are rapidly and easily implemented, and this translates into savings, efficiencies, and productivity. We operate in the USA and Colombia, and we are currently expanding in LATAM

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